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Green Plan Ltd.
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18931 111 Ave NW
Edmonton, AB, T5S

(780) 455-4292

Founded in 1989, Green Plan Ltd. is an award-winning Edmonton-based environmental consulting firm.


Founded in 1989, Green Plan Ltd. is an award-winning Edmonton-based environmental consulting firm. Our core business and main strength is environmental protection and regulatory planning for land development projects related to five industry sectors: Municipal Infrastructure, Subdivision Development, Road & Rail Infrastructure and Surface Material Mining (Sand & Gravel). Our professional services include: Environmental Assessments, Mitigation Planning, Regulatory Approval Acquisition, Compliance Management, and Training.


Municipalities manage their infrastructure (roads, bridges, sewers and pipelines) to ensure public service and safety. Municipalities also require new infrastructure to service  new land development projects.

Green Plan has extensive experience in providing environmental planning services related to infrastructure development –ranging from strategic planning to regulatory compliance.


  • Strategic environmental planning for land use development and regulatory approval acquisition
  • Land use and mitigation planning
  • Approvals for pipelines, roads, gravel pits, boat launches, etc.
  • Wetland assessments and compensation plans
  • Environmental Assessments pursuant to the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (APEA) and the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA)
  • Conservation and Reclamation Plans pursuant to Alberta Environment and Sustainable Resource Development (AESRD) policy
  • Soil salvage and conservation plans
  • Water Act and Fisheries Act Authorizations; water management, water licensing, steam crossings, fish habitat etc.
  • Notification as per the Code of Practice for Watercourse Crossings
  • Environmental protection plans and alignment sheets
  • Environmental inspection and compliance monitoring

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