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Founded in 1989, Green Plan Ltd. is an award-winning Edmonton-based environmental consulting firm.


Founded in 1989, Green Plan Ltd. is an award-winning Edmonton-based environmental consulting firm. Our core business and main strength is environmental protection and regulatory planning for land development projects related to five industry sectors: Municipal Infrastructure, Subdivision Development, Road & Rail Infrastructure and Surface Material Mining (Sand & Gravel). Our professional services include: Environmental Assessments, Mitigation Planning, Regulatory Approval Acquisition, Compliance Management, and Training.

Our Team & professional organizations

Grant Potolicki, B.E.S - Founder / Senior Environmental Planner (Partner)

Grant Potolicki is the founder and Senior Environmental Planner of Green Plan Ltd, an award-winning Edmonton consulting firm that specializes in environmental planning for land development projects His qualifications include a Bachelor of Environmental Studies, from the University of Waterloo and 35 years’ of related professional experience.   He also has an extensive background in business management and communications and is a Certified Competent Toastmaster.

Grant’s introduction to his discipline began in 1980 when he was employed by CN Rail as an Environmental Inspector on the twin track construction program between Edmonton and Vancouver. Subsequently, he served as CN’s Environmental Protection Officer for Western Canada.  In 1989, Grant founding Green Plan where he currently resides as the firm’s Senior Environmental Planner and Coach/Mentor.  

Grant’s core strength is environmental planning for civil works projects related to Municipal Infrastructure, Road and Rail Infrastructure, and Surface Material Mining (Sand & Gravel) development.  His related technical skills include project management, regulatory permitting, environmental assessment and mitigation planning, compliance management and stakeholder consultation.   

Grant’s 35 years of environmental planning acumen has made him a respected leader in the discipline.  He has helped hundreds of organizations ranging from large mulit-national companies to rural municipality’s plan and successfully execute their land development projects pursuant to government and industry environmental standards.  Defining projects include Standard General’s 2400 acre Windfall Gravel Pit; the Stoney Valley Contracting’s 640 acre Barrrhead Gravel Pit, the Altex Lynton and Secure Energy Truck/Rail Transloads; the CN Rail Edmonton Intermodal Terminal; and the Northern Sunrise County 90 km water pipeline.

He has also helped many organizations develop corporate environmental policies and procedures and has conducted related capacity building throughout Canada and the US.  He is the author of; The Guidelines for Acquiring Surface Material Dispositions on Public Land, The Woodlands Area Aggregate Management Strategy; and the Environmental Guidelines for Railway Construction and Maintenance.  

Grant and his team have received two major awards:  the Government of Alberta- Minsters Award of Excellence for Environmental Innovation for the Development of Alberta Transportations Wetland Habitat Compensation Banking Program, and the Consulting Engineers of Alberta Environmental Achievement Award for the environmental planning of the CN Rail Intermodal Terminal.

Recently, Grant has been pursuing his passion in conflict resolution and change management by fusing his business acumen with his communication and leadership skills.  He adheres to the adage that Culture Eats Strategy for Breakfast (Peter Drucker) and operates Green Plan in an open concept workspace with a collective work culture .Grant applies many of his Culture Change beliefs to his Clients – using team and consensus management for project planning and stakeholder consultation.

 Davin Swift P.Biol, QAES – Senior Aquatic Biologist(Partner)

 Davin Swift is a Professional Biologist (P. Biol.) with the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists and holds a Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) from the University of Alberta. His main areas of practice include Aquatic Biology, Wetland Ecology, Erosion and Sedimentation Control, as well as regulatory permitting and approvals.

As a Project Manager and Senior Biologist with Green Plan, Davin leads projects which require wetland, biophysical, and aquatic habitat assessments for projects in the linear development (i.e., road, rail, transmission, and pipeline), industrial and residential development, and mining sectors. He is also responsible for the development of Wetland Assessment and Impact Reports (WAIR), Qualified Aquatic Environmental Specialist (QAES) Reports, Environmental Construction Operations (ECO) Plans, Erosion and Sedimentation Control (ESC) Plans, Care of Water Plans, and Remedial Plans for Green Plan clients. His extensive understanding of Provincial and Federal Environmental Acts, Polices, and guidelines (e.g., Water Act, Fisheries Act, Public Lands Act, Species at Risk Act, Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, Alberta Wetland Policy, etc.), and the approval/permitting processes involved with each enables him to efficiently meet the regulatory needs of Green Plan’s clients.

Davin’s technical skills include field data collection, statistical data analysis, Geospatial Information System (GIS) analysis, technical report writing and environmental construction monitoring. These skills are applied on projects that require environmental baseline assessments (i.e., fisheries, wetland, benthic invertebrate, zooplankton, phytoplankton, epiphytic algae, and water quality); construction monitoring, wetland monitoring, and fish rescue operations.

 David Sutherland - Senior Environmental Planner - Rail

 David Sutherland entry into the environmental sector occurred in 1997 when he became CN’s Environmental Officer for Atlantic Canada and subsequently Southern Ontario.  His main duties included; coordinating and supervising emergency response (ER) for spills and derailments, David Sutherland is a rail specialist and environmental planner with 34 years’ experience in rail related engineering; regulatory affairs; transportation; and environmental management. He is also a qualified Conductor and Locomotive Engineer. His core strength is hazardous materials management, emergency response and site remediation.

David’s entire career has been in the rail industry as an employee with CN Rail in Moncton, Toronto and Edmonton.

He started with CN in 1981 as a surveyor where he supervised yard construction and maintenance activities and subsequently became Relief Track, Engineering and Production Gang Supervisor.

In 1992, David was promoted to CN Coordinator of Regulatory Affairs in Toronto where he managed the regulatory approval process for CN civil works projects. Notable projects include; the safety improvement program for the 100 mph main track from Toronto to Montreal; the double stack container train program (Toronto to the Sarnia tunnel); and the construction of the fixed fueling facility and remediation of Hornepayne Yard.

While in Toronto, David gained his accreditation as a Qualified Locomotive Engineer and Conductor allowing him to operate and manage trains. In this capacity he scheduled train crews and equipment for the Ford truck plant in Oakville and other CN facilities.

developing waste management and contaminated site remediation initiatives; and overseeing facility permitting and environmental compliance - namely auditing of rail facilities.

Between 2003 and 2016, David was CN’s Regional Manager Environment for Western Canada - Thunder Bay to the west coast.  During this tenure, he facilitated the development of CN’s corporate Program to manage environmental risk and instituted policies and procedures to ensure compliance among CN employees and service providers.

During CN’s Pipeline on Rail Program (2012/2016), David developed and implemented environmental standards for the construction and operation of Rail Transload facilities on CN property.

Wade McElroy B.Sc., P.Biol - Senior Wildlife Biologist and Environmental Specialist

 Wade McElroy received his Bachelor’s of Science Degree with a major in Zoology in 2008. Since graduating Wade has obtained his Professional Biologist designation from the Alberta Society of Professional Biologists and has continually grown his expertise in the regulatory and environmental assessment process. In addition to his strong wildlife background, Wade has acquired significant experience in other disciplines including Aquatic and Fisheries studies, Reclamation & Remediation, and Regulatory and First Nations consultations.

Wade’s role within Green Plan is as a environmental/regulatory specialist and project manager.

Wade’s management and regulatory experience spans projects ranging in budget from $5,000 to $2,000,000 and across several industries including oil & gas, renewable energy, utilities, and municipal and city development.

His primary responsibilities have included development and/or technical review of Environmental Impact Assessments, Socio-Economic Assessments, Biophysical Impact Assessments, Cumulative Effects Assessments, Critical Issues Analysis, Caribou Protection Plans, Environmental Protection Plans, Construction Mitigation Monitoring Plans, EPEA applications, NEB applications, and Water Act applications.

Wade has extensive field experience conducting a wide array of studies, everywhere from the deserts of Death Valley California, to the frozen tundra of the Arctic Circle and everywhere in between. Studies in which Wade is proficient include but are not limited to Winter Tracking Surveys, Aerial Ungulate Surveys, Remote Camera Surveys, Migratory Bird Surveys, Raptor Surveys, Amphibian Surveys, Watercourse Monitoring, Fisheries Assessments, and Environmental/Construction Monitoring.

Wade takes pride in his easy going and approachable demeanor and is always happy to discuss any topic an existing or prospective client may have.

Applicable Training:

·        ATV and UTV Training Courses – Canada Safety Council

·        Snowmobile Safety Training Course

·        Wilderness First Aid

·        H2S Alive

·        Standard First Aid & CPR Level C

These days most of his time is spent surviving as a new dad to twin daughters. He also enjoys golfing, cooking, and travelling.

Annissa Robertson, ATT - Environmental Scientist and Junior Project Manager

 Annissa Robertson obtained a Diploma from Olds College with a major in Reclamation and Remediation. She is a registered Agrologist Technologist in Training (ATT) with the Alberta Institute of Agrologists’ and has completed several related training courses.

Annissa’s primary role at Green Plan is to lead field activities for conducting biophysical and wetland assessments associated with regulatory permitting applications for new land development projects. She also conducts environmental monitoring of construction projects to verify regulatory compliance.

Annissa’s applied experience includes soil monitoring, cut block layout, watercourse assessments, temporary and permanent sample plots, gravel pit reclamation, mine operations, and detailed site assessments. In addition, she has working knowledge in soil and ground water sampling, plant identification, data analysis, ATV use, GIS, utilizing GPS, and watercourse assessments. She also plays a central role in GIS/mapping, regulatory applications, and technical report writing for the above-mentioned projects. Most recently she has been working with ATCO assisting with the management of their transmission line forestry and vegetation control program in Jasper National Park.

Annissa is a great communicator and aspiring Project Manager. She is frequently requested by Clients to manage field, programs, contractors, and permitting projects.

Additional Training:

·        ATV Training Course – Canada Safety Council

·        WHMIS – Worksite Safety

·        OSSA Basic Safety Orientation (BSO)

·        CSTS – Alberta Construction Safety Association

·        Standard First Aid & CPR Level C

·        Electrofishing Crew Supervisor – Vancouver Island University

·        Power Line Awareness – ATCO Electric

·        Contractor Safety Orientation – ATCO

·        Environment Management System Awareness - ATCO

In her free time Annissa enjoys travelling and all things outdoors including quadding, hunting, fishing, and playing baseball.

Lindsay Hovde – Environmental Technician

 Lindsay Hovde is an Environmental Technician with Green Plan with specific experience in soils and vegetation assessments and land reclamation. Lindsay has worked with native and invasive plants in BC and Alberta in various capacities and is especially experienced in wetland ecology and restoration. She has a diploma in Recreation, Fish and Wildlife from Selkirk College in Castlegar, BC and is currently working towards her Registered Technologist in Biology designation.

One of Lindsay's core strengths is working with Green Plan’s clients and regulators to create and promote models of ecologically sustainable developments on disturbed land. In this capacity she has been involved with environmental baseline assessments (i.e., wildlife, terrestrial and aquatic vegetation, wetlands, fish and fish habitat, and soil surveys), propagation of native plant species for restoration and reclamation projects, and implementation of wetland restoration techniques.

She has participated in biophysical and wetland impact assessments, submission of regulatory applications (i.e., Water Act approvals and licenses, and Code of Practice notifications), and preparation of technical reports. Lindsay also has extensive experience working with GIS software, including ArcGIS and Global Mapper.

Her industry expertise includes, sand gavel operations, road and rail projects, water infrastructure municipal development. Lindsay is a great communicator and Project Manager. She is frequently called upon at Green Plan to use these skills to work with the client and the regulator to acquire project permitting.

Lindsay recently completed the Classification and Mapping of Soils course and Advanced Wetland Delineation course at the U of A and has over 5 years industry experience in applying her skills.

On a personal note, you can always find Lindsay outdoors enjoying nature, whether it be mountain biking, paddling, hiking or skiing. She will happily point out every plant along the way!

Loren Brandt, RFT – Senior Environmental Consultant – Forestry Lead

 Loren Brandt is a Registered Forest Technologist from B.C. and a Senior Environmental Consultant – Forestry Lead at Green Plan.

Loren obtained a Diploma from the College of New Caledonia in Prince George B.C. and has obtained his Registered Forest Technologist designation through the Association of British Columbia Forest Professionals.

Loren’s primary role at Green Plan is to lead field activities for vegetation management projects near powerlines and environmental monitoring for road construction projects.

Loren’s experiences include supervision of log harvesting operations and road construction, cut block and road layout and project management.  Most recently he has been working with ATCO conducting vegetation project supervision and assessments in the north east corner of Alberta.

Additional Training:

·        ATV Training Course – Canada Safety Council

·        Snowmobile Operators Course – Canada Safety Council

·        WHMIS – Worksite Safety

·        Transportation of Dangerous Goods - ATCO

·        CSTS – Alberta Construction Safety Association

·        Ground Disturbance Supervisor Training – ABCGA Endorsed

·        Occupational First Aid Level 1

·        Power Line Awareness – ATCO Electric

·        Contractor Safety Orientation – ATCO

·        Environment Management System Awareness – ATCO

·        Wildlife Awareness – Enform

·        Contractor Safety Orientation – CN

In his free time, Loren enjoys the outdoors including, hunting, fishing, and spending time with his family and grandson.

 Calvin Hargreaves RPFT, ATT – Environmental Technician

 Calvin Hargreaves is an Environmental Technician at Green Plan.

Calvin has an Environmental Technician and Forestry Technician diploma from Sir Sandford Fleming College. He is a Registered Professional Forestry Technologists (RPFT) with the Association of Alberta Forest Management Professionals and is a registered Agrologist Technologist in Training (ATT) with Alberta Institute of Agrologists in pursuit of his RTAg designation.

Calvin’s role at Green Plan is to lead and assist in various field projects including forestry operations in relation to powerline management and environmental monitoring for construction projects.

Calvin has work on many forest and environmental projects often taking on the lead role. He has extensive experience working with clients and contractors to ensure projects are completed to client standards. He has many years of experience supervising and coordinating crews, safety lead and committee member, harvest block and road layout, forestry operations, erosion control and reclamation projects, permanent and temporary sample plots, watercourse and environmental assessments, regulatory document applications, GPS use, data analysis, and ATV/Snowmobile use.

Additional Training:

·        Hazard Assessment & Analysis Course – MHSA

·        Restricted Radio Operator – Industry Canada

·        Watercourse Crossing Monitoring and Inspection Live online Course – WOLF

·        Power Line Awareness – ATCO Electric

·        Contractor Safety Orientation – ATCO Electric

·        Environment Management System Awareness – ATCO Electric

·        CSTS – Alberta Construction Safety Association

·        OSSA Basic Safety Orientation (BSO)

·        WHMIS – Worksite Safety

·        Standard First Aid – Level C CPR and AED Certificate – Apex Training Solutions

·        Industrial Fire Safety and Fire Extinguisher use – ATSafety Training

·        UTV Training Course – Canadian Safety Council

·        Pleasure Craft Operator Card – Lifesaving Society Canada

·        Bear Awareness and Avoidance Training - AIP

Flavia Koch PhD – Environmental Scientist

 Flavia Koch is an Environmental Scientist at Green Plan.

Flavia obtained her PhD in Biology in 2015, investigating animal behavior and ecology in wild populations.

As a scientist, she conducted field work collecting systematic data on several aspects of vegetation and wildlife. She also performed plant and fauna surveys, sampled and applied several methods to investigate forest structure. She designed and conducted research projects for which she developed work plans, estimated, acquired and managed budgets

Flavia’s primary role at Green Plan involves report writing for a variety of projects and data collection in the field.