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What it all means

Municipal land development refers to industrial, residential and recreational land use planning within a community.

Environmental protection planning is a major component of the land use planning especially in Area Structure Plans. Its main purpose is to provide planning criteria to help select the appropriate land use, comply with regulatory requirements and mitigate adverse environmental impacts.

  • Biophysical assessments
  • Natural site assessments
  • Environmental overviews
  • ECO plans
  • Qualified Aquatic Environmental Specialist (QAES) mitigation plans
  • Wetland impact assessments and mitigation planning
  • Constructed wetland design and implementation planning
  • Phase I Ecological Network reports
  • Phase II Ecological Network reports
  • Development Permit applications
  • Provincial and Federal approval acquisition

Here are some example projects

Municipal land development, both big and small, is a fundamental focus of Green Plans services. We offer a full range of related services from feasibility analysis to project implementation and compliance monitoring.