Senior Environmental Planner – Rail



Former Environmental Protection Officer for CN Rail


David Sutherland is a rail specialist and environmental planner with 34 years’ experience in rail related engineering; regulatory affairs; transportation; and environmental management. He is also a qualified Conductor and Locomotive Engineer. His core strength is hazardous materials management, emergency response and site remediation.

David’s entire career has been in the rail industry as an employee with CN Rail in Moncton, Toronto and Edmonton.

He started with CN in 1981 as a surveyor where he supervised yard construction and maintenance activities and subsequently became Relief Track, Engineering and Production Gang Supervisor.

In 1992, David was promoted to CN Coordinator of Regulatory Affairs in Toronto where he managed the regulatory approval process for CN civil works projects. Notable projects include; the safety improvement program for the 100 mph main track from Toronto to Montreal; the double stack container train program (Toronto to the Sarnia tunnel); and the construction of the fixed fueling facility and remediation of Hornepayne Yard.

While in Toronto, David gained his accreditation as a Qualified Locomotive Engineer and Conductor allowing him to operate and manage trains. David’s entry into the environmental sector occurred in 1997 when he became CN’s Environmental Officer for Atlantic Canada and subsequently Southern Ontario.

Between 2003 and 2016, David was CN’s Regional Manager Environment for Western Canada – Thunder Bay to the west coast.  During this tenure, he facilitated the development of CN’s corporate Program to manage environmental risk and instituted policies and procedures to ensure compliance among CN employees and service providers.

During CN’s Pipeline on Rail Program (2012/2016), David developed and implemented environmental standards for the construction and operation of Rail Transload facilities on CN property. He is an integral part of the Green Plan team and we are happy to have him on board!