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Fire Damage Cleanup Marietta

In times of fire emergency, we understand that you need immediate help. Hence, we, at Zen Dry Restoration, provide immediate fire damage restoration and fire cleanup services. We provide comprehensive fire restoration services in Marietta GA, and we make sure that the fire damage cleanup is done in a very smooth manner.

As soon as you call us, we entertain your concern and take note of your specific situation. Our customer service representative will then forward your concern to Marietta GA fire damage repair professionals.

We use the most advanced equipment so we can cleanup and restore your property at the quickest possible time. In order to ensure that our technicians are competent enough, we provide continuous training for them so they can deliver the best possible results.

Our team members would immediately go to the fire location and perform fire damage and smoke restoration in Marietta GA. We would remove the soot, odors, and smoke that were retained right after a fire.

Smoke Odor Removal

Right after a fire incident, the primary concern is the smoke odor. What we do is to remove it completely with the help of our fire restoration expert.  It is very crucial to remove all leftover odors thoroughly. That’s why we make sure that smoke odors are removed completely and not just masked.

We utilize ozone treatment to remove odors from your properties and other valued possessions. This treatment is defined as a powerful oxidizer that can treat several odors, without any trace of lingering odors.

Content Cleanup

After the smoke removal, we make sure that we clean all the contents of your properties that were damaged by fire and water. We utilize ultrasonic cleaning to make sure that your belongings will be restored. But before we proceed in the cleaning process, we pack out all your contents first and examine which ones can still be restored.

Other cleaning processes that we employ are laundry/soft contents cleaning and electronics cleaning. Rest assured that our fire damage cleanup professionals are meticulous and at the same time, gentle in performing these duties.

Complex Repairs

In case your properties have incurred major repairs and restoration, our team members will attend to them immediately. We have experts for this specific field of expertise so you can be assured that your complex repair needs will be attended to properly. Zen Dry Restoration makes use of leading cleaning methods in the industry.

Fire damage cleanup and restoration play a crucial role in times of unfortunate incidents; hence, you should make sure that you are entrusting your properties and possessions to the right people. Putting back broken pieces of your properties into the restored condition is not an easy job; but with the help of experienced professionals from fire damage cleanup Marietta, this will be within reach.

If you’re looking for the best fire damage cleanup and restoration team, do not hesitate to contact Zen Dry Restoration for a free inspection and or quotation: 678-468-3435. They will assist you immediately and attend to all your needs in no time.

Fire Damage Cleanup Marietta
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