Railways are a central part of our modern society, but they can be difficult to operate. Railway companies need help with all aspects from design and construction, right through operation-related issues like environmental planning; and that’s why our Rail Planning Consultants are here to help!

Our Experience in Railway Regulatory Planning:

We have extensive experience in environmental protection planning for both private and federally regulated railways. We have successfully completed over 50 transload and 20 siding extension approvals including several Canadian Environmental Assessment Act (CEAA) level assessments. We have also written several policies and procedures and conducted related training throughout North America.

  • Corporate risk assessment such as Project Initiator Environmental Reviews (PIER) pursuant to CN Corporate Policy
  • Federal approvals associated with the Transportation Act, the Fisheries Act and the Navigable Waters Protection Act among others
  • Project Initiators Environmental Reviews (PIER)
  • Provincial approvals for Industrial railways pursuant to the Railway (Alberta) Act
  • Provincial approvals related to the Alberta Water Act, the Alberta Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, among others
  • Crown land use leases and agreements in accordance with the Public Lands Act
  • Municipal development permits and related studies
  • Environmental Management Plans for new construction: hazardous materials, stormwater, wastewater, and emergency response among others
  • Environmental Training and Compliance Monitoring



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