Green Plan has been a leading firm in environmental planning for the sand and gravel industry. Our environmental consultants have helped many private operators receive necessary approvals, as well as participated in government initiatives to establish best practices. The company also created guidelines about acquiring land leases on Crown Land which are used by organizations all over Edmonton today.

Our Experience in Sand & Gravel Permitting

Provincial and municipal governments use a range of regulatory approvals to manage sand and gravel activities under their jurisdiction. On Crown land, a Surface Materials Lease (SML) or Surface Material Licence (SMC) is required pursuant to the Public Lands Act. On Private land, registration is required pursuant to the Code of Practice for Pits. The application process typically requires the collection of environmental data and the submission of a mine and reclamation plan. Some municipal jurisdictions require a development permit for sand and gravel operations on lands under their jurisdiction.

Green Plan has extensive experience in environmental planning for the sand and gravel industry. In addition to completing approvals for private operators and municipalities, Green Plan has participated in several government policy initiatives and is the main author of the Guidelines for Acquiring Surface Material leases on Crown Land.

  • Surface Material Leases and Licenses (SML or SMC) applications
  • Conservation and Reclamation Business Plans
  • Registration and Activity Plans, as per the Code of Practice for Pits, for sand and gravel operations on private land
  • Municipal authorizations; development permits
  • License of Occupation (DLO/LOC) for new roads, right of ways
  • Water Act Authorizations; wetland assessments and mitigation plans, water management, water licensing, etc.
  • Notification as per the Code of Practice for Watercourse Crossing and Code of Practice for Outfall Structures on Water Bodies
  • Federal Fisheries Act Authorizations; fish habitat compensation plans
  • Pit Management: Compliance Monitoring, Land Management tracking etc.



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