Environmental Specialist



Bachelor’s Degree in Environmental and Conservation Sciences
Masters Degree in Land Reclamation and Remediation
University of Alberta

Kyle Stratechuk is an Environmental Specialist with Green Plan, providing field and reporting support relating to soils, vegetation, wetlands, and reclamation. He completed a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental and Conservation Sciences from the University of Alberta in 2018, with a major in land reclamation, and proceeded to complete Master’s degree in Land Reclamation and Remediation in 2020. He is currently a registered Agrologist in Training with Alberta Institute of Agrologists, working towards his full designation in both Biophysical Assessment and Land Reclamation.

Kyle has five years of experience in the land reclamation and biophysical assessment fields, having worked in various consulting, government, and research roles throughout Alberta. In these roles, Kyle has been able to develop several technical skills and is well versed in soil classification, plant identification, wetland classification and delineation, weed identification and control, data management and statistical analysis, and technical report writing. This skill set has allowed Kyle to efficiently collect and incorporate high quality soils, vegetation, and wetland field data into various project approvals on both public and private land. His extensive exposure to various reclamation projects allows him to make informed and innovative reclamation recommendations so that clients can meet their regulatory requirements and achieve reclamation certificate status in a cost-effective and timely manner.