Environmental Technician



Diploma in Recreation, Fish and Wildlife from Selkirk College.

Working on her Registered Technologist in Biology designation.


Ecosystem Assessments
Soil and Vegetation Assessments
Geographic Information System & Reporting (GIS)

Lindsay Hovde is an Environmental Technician with us. She has specific experience in soils and vegetation assessments and land reclamation. Lindsay has worked with native and invasive plants in BC and Alberta in various capacities and is especially experienced in wetland ecology and restoration.

One of Lindsay's passions is working with our clients and regulators to create and promote models of ecologically sustainable developments on disturbed land. In this capacity she has been involved with environmental baseline assessments (i.e., wildlife, terrestrial and aquatic vegetation, wetlands, fish and fish habitat, and soil surveys), propagation of native plant species for restoration and reclamation projects, and implementation of wetland restoration techniques.

She has participated in biophysical and wetland impact assessments, submission of regulatory applications (i.e., Water Act approvals and licenses, and Code of Practice notifications), and preparation of technical reports. Lindsay also has extensive experience working with GIS software, including ArcGIS and Global Mapper.

She is a great communicator and Project Manager. She is frequently called upon at Green Plan to use these skills to work with the client and the regulator to acquire project permitting.

Lindsay recently completed the Classification and Mapping of Soils course and Advanced Wetland Delineation course at the U of A and has over 5 years industry experience in applying her skills.

On a personal note, you can always find Lindsay outdoors enjoying nature, whether it be mountain biking, paddling, hiking or skiing. She will happily point out every plant along the way!